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    I bought the theme Abuncance more than a month ago. I installed it in my websits with the web hosting server. Now I setup a local web server, nginx, and installed WordPress 3.3.1. After loging in my local site(WP), I could only see WooCommerce plugin(it came together with the Abundance theme package). Then I uploaded theme The unpacking was OK, but install failed. Error message: no valid plugins were found.

    Is this because I didn’t multisite install WordPress on my local website? How should I fix it?

    When I installed WP, I was not asked “Multisie” or “SIngle” install, by the way.




    Hi Claire,

    I suggest removing the WooCommerce plugin for the time being then trying to upload the in your Appearance > Themes > Upload.




    After I deleted wooCommerce in my local website, I can see the theme Abundance. Thanks, Mya!

    Now I got new problem – I tried my website with my web hosting company, (not the local one), the theme Abundance that I’ve successfully installed there weeks ago is gone and I got a white screen!

    I guess this is a theme multisite conflict issue. I cannot remember well if I was asked for my URL when purchasing the theme Abundance. If I was, I must have entered (my website with my web hosting company). Once I tried to upload and install Abundance in my local website(http://localhost/wordpress), my theme Abundance previously installed in my website,, is gone.

    I am using different user names for my website (e.g., WordPress and my local website WordPress(http://localhost/wordpress). So I think the conflict is about the theme Abundance, but not the WordPress.

    My question is: Is there a tag associated with the theme Abundance package during the purchase? (which means I am only allowed to install it in ONE website) How can I fix it so that I can install my Abundance theme both on my website,, and my local website? Is multisite install the solution? How can I do it?




    No, the theme does not come with a code restriction which checks the url. It should run on both servers. However maybe you need to update Abundance WooCommerce, etc. on your second server because the white screen is probably triggered by a php error.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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