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    I have found a big problem, i need to add a ecommerce functionality to the theme however have found that trying to get wpmudev marketpress working on this theme does not work correctly, there is conflicting code in this theme that prevents the online store from running correctly.

    I have tried the same ecommerce setup with the default wp theme and it works fine, we have narrowed it down to it being the actual theme.

    I need some help to work around this issue because if marketpress does not work then there is a high chance that other plugins wont work correctly either which is a big limitation.

    I can give you the url and login for you to see for yourself.. the error is when publishing a new product and goes to a white page with -1 as the error thats it.

    Please help this is an urgent matter. Thanks.



    I’m sorry but we can’t support third party plugins because there’re just too many. Personally I’ve tried: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) and (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -plugin-768 and both seemed to work for me (no guarantees though). There’s always a high chance that some plugins don’t work with a theme because the code and usage combinations are endless.


    Sorry thats not a good enough response…. Its the authors responsibility to address issues if they are risen by paying customers otherwise i / we purchasers should of been warned that major plugins wont work and not supported. I dont think ive come across any plugins that wont work with any wordpress website that is coded correctly and if something didnt work then it would be fixed.

    So now your telling me that purchasing kreisi theme’s i need to HOPE that the plugins i need to use work ? thats just not good enough. Period.

    You are hacking wordpress to the point that its not fuctional and this should be addressed with envato which i will raise an issue with.

    You should have a disclaimer that third party plugins may not work with your themes.

    You should also be following wordpress guidelines and making the theme compatible and standardised as possible so they do infact work with third party plugins.

    Im extremely angry and feel like i have been let down.



    We’re sorry you feel this way, if you want a refund you must contact envato ( support) directly – they’re your contract partner.


    I dont want a refund, a client has already commited to purchasing this theme and now it cant be used. Do you understand my point and the situation that it has now caused ???

    I really dont care about the $35 investment, that not the point here. The point is the situation that it has caused is worth much more than $35 plus it makes my business look bad.

    These are situation that need to be resolved rather than passed on with a refund.

    I should be asking you, What is kreisi going to do about it ?


    Sir it’s impossible to test all plugins – lists over 15,096 plugins and you can find hundreds of premium plugins. You’re the first user who reported problems with WPMUdev. It’s hard to support premium plugins because of the licensing fees and the small plugin user base (free plugins are always more popular). We don’t know if the plugin breaks the theme or the theme breaks the plugin – very likely both products hook into and hack WordPress to offer advanced functionality. We can’t invest hours (maybe even days) to find the plugin conflict just for one user.

    Another important point is that the plugin developers can debug their plugin much more efficient than we can – maybe ask them to look into it and if they find something we can look into it on our end.


    Ok i do understand your point, but i just wanted to make a point that its an issue and instead of being snubbed off i want to be heard and some form of action taken. Trust me this feedback is good for you because its also means you can think about it for future developments.

    We have tried cart plugin in and seems to work more happy. I will however bring it to the attention of wpmudev guys and see what they think from our dev server if i find anything i will let you know.


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