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    1) when you add a new template. I try to add a new element. Every time it displays this message: Adding an element of successful but the script generated unexpected output: ….

    Result is that I am not able to use the newly created template, with pages that I created.

    2) After I installed and enabled WPTouch, it just does not work. I already checked on Android, iPhone, and Symbian.

    3) I installed plugin – disqus. Everything works great, but after entering the post with comments on the phone with android. Page reloads to blankpage. After a conversation with the developers of disqus and send them debugs. They said that the fault lies on the template.

    My blog is –

    Guys, please help!


    I realize that running such a forum and the work is too much work for all you guys, but I really need help with the problem of adapting my site, mainly templatebuilder.

    Here some screenshots:

    create new template for test site

    home template structure

    edit test side and change dynamic template in to created by me.

    This is the standard home site with frontpage template.

    And here you see test page with different dynamic template – there are no differences between them.

    Thanks in advance for your help and Have a nice day.


    After I removed all the templates from template builder. The test page still displays content, when the main page is empty.

    Guys, I really needs your help!


    Hey! would you mind sending me your login details so i can take a look myself? (unofrtunaltey the image links postet above dont seem to work)

    as a quick fix it might help if you temporarily disable the plugins and add your dynamic templates, then reactivete the plugins.

    best regards


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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