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    I have made adjustments to my thumbnails and thumbnail bar as per previous thread.


    The thumbnail bar is now at desired height, but the double arrows to the far right that advance the visible thumbnails is inactive, in both Chrome and Firefox. Please help resolve.

    Also, there is still the white rectangle – as opposed to transparency – behind the hide content and image count text. Please see link above and the thread (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -bar-height/

    I have no idea why the previous thread was closed when this was not responded to after I replied to a request for a link. Perhaps someone else can respond this time. Thank you!


    Hi Michael!

    Can you post a screenshot of your view? i don’t see that white rectangle you say.



    Hi Josue,

    Thanks for the help.

    Here is a screenshot of my background gallery. You will see the rectangle behind the Image Count. Likewise more subtle behind ‘Hide Content’ when the main menu is displayed. I presumed this was there because there were two transparent layers, so more opacity here. I tried to change transparency to .img_count to ‘0’, but it did not resolve.


    Any ideas where and how to remove?

    Also, again, the double arrows to move the row of thumbnails to the next series, at far bottom right, is not working. How to troubleshoot?

    Much thanks again!



    The website doesn’t load, please check:



    It’s live here. I received a Pingdom alert saying the site was down for 7 minutes on the 19th. Must have been in that window.

    Please check again, Ismael!


    I am reworking the images in my own galleries, so another gallery to preview, as per screen capture above, is at:

    Thank you for the assistance!


    Any response here? Looking forward to assistance on this.

    All best, Michael


    Would super love some feedback here. These are two small, but important fixes, so that the thumbnail is operative and has a consistent look. The button for advance again at the far right is not working.

    And still want to know how to set css so background to the .img_count is same as the rest of the elements. Responded to request for screen capture and link.

    Please feedback, Ismael or Josue, or any other moderators or contributors! Very much appreciated.

    Thank you!



    Please try to deactivate all third party plugins to see if it gets fixed.



    Resolved. Thread may be closed. The inactive button was an ‘!important’ tag on another element. The image count I managed to just remove completely: in this case the ‘!important’ tag added to the css is what allowed it to be removed. Caused one problem, solved another.

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