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    A few questions as I continue building out our site.

    First, we’ve decided to use traditional posts instead of portfolio items.

    There’s a few main things I’d like to accomplish:

    1. Change the post thumbnails (on the homepage) to square.

    2. Bring up the post title on top of the image, aligning it at the bottom so it stays on top of the image.

    (I’ve tried using a negative margin, but the text slips behind the image, tried using z-index to bring it forward, no dice).

    3. This a bit further down our to-do list, but still figured I should ask it.

    Once the homepage is built out, there will be 4 columns with 4 rows (to match our logo), is there anyway we could specify a different hover color for each item, rather than using the same for all?

    Thanks for the help.

    Much appreciated.



    Hey David,

    Can we take a look at what you have now for #1? The theme image sizes are all handled in the functions.php so you should most likely be able to just change one of the sizes to equal height and width it just depends on which one. There may be some css changes needed but that will be the core change.

    Then regenerate the thumbnails so any past images get the new functions.php changes and you’ll be good to go.

    For #2, this is a bit more complicated. We’ll need to see what you have now again but it may not be something we can provide the direct code for (if its too extensive). Can definitely point you in the right direction but we aren’t able to offer in depth customization through support. This is the same for #3 which is definitely out of the scope of what we can do since it would require each post/item to have a different ID or class to differentiate them for the needed css.

    Though, it might be doable with individual columns but would require a good bit of playing around with it and poking and prodding the css.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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