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    Hi there,

    Here is the site products display:
    I originally had the image sizes in a 3×4 ratio but now we want it to be square.

    I have set the image sizes on woocommerce settings, with hard crop. added the simple image sizes plugin and resized the shop_thumbnail size to 176×176 (since thats the four-column thumbnails size) also with ‘crop’ turned on and then regenerated all product thumbnails and nothing.

    Previously, I tried this with the ‘regenrate thumbnails’ plugin but that didnt work either.

    Please help. What am I doing wrong?


    Hi eldiablosf!

    Just to make sure, did you set Catalog images to 176x176px in WooCommerce > Settings > Catalog section and then regenerated thumbnals using ? Catalog images seem to be 400x300px currently

    Best regards,


    Yes, that is correct. They are still in the old 300×400 ratio after doing this. Any ideas?

    thank you

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    There is definitely something off about the whole setup. Featured images are showing in the WooCommerce product view but they aren’t actually “set” when looking at the product data. It isn’t for all products but for most.

    The menu links to the categories is also incorrect so the link above for example goes to a 404 page. The climate control product showing on this page at least is outputting at the 175×175 sixe:

    One important thing to note is you need to update your theme version as its out of date for that version of WooCommerce and WordPress.




    The product you linked is no longer available, also, your products seems to have square images now.



    Hi there,

    Sorry, the permalinks were changed while you were looking at it.

    what do you mean with this?
    “Featured images are showing in the WooCommerce product view but they aren’t actually “set” when looking at the product data. ”

    Where are you looking at the product data? Was this something addressed in the theme updates? Because it didnt happen before and I’ve been using the same setup.

    Do you think it could also be a Woocommerce issue? – Sorry, just trying to eliminate variables.

    thank you


    Aw man! I just realized that I was confusing the catalog thumbs with the product page thumbs!!! AAARG! that part is confusing!

    the catalog thumbs are the ones in the category pages!

    However, I still would like to know the answer to my question above.



    If you look at a single product the “featured image” isn’t set in the Featured Image meta box. Its set via meta data but it isn’t registered to appear as such on the product.

    I don’t know the why and was only pointing out a symptom for an unknown issue which might have been releated.

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