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    Hi just couple of question

    in the thumbs box option all images must loaded first thumb and hover then the images appear

    how can i make the thumbs appear first and hover load when i hover it just for bandwidth saving?

    also in the inner page how can i auto use external links according to custom field i have?

    is there any plugin to show all attached images at the end of the pot for image seo as i can see the lightbox not seo at all


    There’s little benefit to changing the order of images loading, there is a preluder which grabs the images and sets a delay on each one loading for a nice jQuery effect. If you’re worried about bandwidth and page load times, consider using a CDN to load all your static content.

    I don’t understand what you want to do on the inner pages, can you elaborate?


    But the delay time is also problem I love to set the hover the same way in themeforest this the best

    About the inner page

    Im wondering if i can befit from attached images to the post

    as my site Themes site and i want to dysplay multiple images in the post thats help me in the seo So i wounder if there is any plugin can help me in this



    I’ll ask Kriesi to have a look into this, he’s better with jQuery than me and wrote the scripts which the theme uses.






    If i understand correctly you want to disable the preloading delay effect of the theme?

    yu can change that by editing line 217 in custom.js

    Change it from

    itemContainer.kriesi_image_preloader({delay:100, callback:itemContainer.methods.preloadingDone});



    As for your second request I can really help, don’t know of any plugin that can do this.


    perfect thanks

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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