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    When I “add featured media”, I set during the upload process at a page or post my own title and alt tag:

    My slideshow options (I do not want to show a caption!):

    But when I hover now over this image, then I see the file name of this image and not, what I have set as title and alt tag during the upload process (see first screenshot):

    That’s not looking good, how can I solve this?

    Thanks a lot!



    Go to Media tab then edit the title there, make sure to save it after.




    Yes, this is possible, but veeeeeeeery time consuming to do this after a huge number of uploaded files in CORONA’s sliders on a lot of pages :-/

    Isn’t there a possibility, to change some theme code, so that CORONA is using the right title tag during the upload process?

    Wordpress itself can do this, when you upload an image within a text – so it should work within CORONA’s “featured media” upload, too?


    Hi colorit2,

    As far as I know its an issue with how the framework manages photos. It would need to be updated by Kriesi and released as a theme updated or as part of a framework update to Avia.

    I’ve tagged Kriesi on the topic so that he is aware of it.




    thanks, Devin, that would be great, I will wait …



    You are missing a step. After the image uploads, do not hit ‘insert into gallery’, save it first, ( ) , then click on the image (it’s the first one always) and click Insert featured image. Since its all ajax , and taking place inside the same lightbox ‘popup’ , it will take 2 seconds.





    Nicks solution works for me, you have to make sure to save your changes first, then insert the images ;)




    that works like a charm! Thanks for that great advice!


    I’ll make a note of it too, hadn’t thought about that :)

    Glad its working for you now.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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