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    I recently uploaded wp 3.1.2, and my avisio version is 1.1. I tried the new fix uploaded, custom.js, but it only messes up the toggles in my pages. The images in the slider is loading non-stop with no progress, no pictures. Also how can I use the toggle shortcode in the text/html widget? I hope you can help me as I’ve been trying to tweak it for almost a month now. Thanks.



    1) Please update all files mentioned in version.rtf – not only custom.js.

    2) It sounds like a js conflict – please post a link to your site – maybe a plugin js is conflicting

    3) Add following code to functions.php to use shortcodes in text widgets (add the code to the very bottom of functions.php):

    add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');


    the slider problem only occurs in IE9. there’s a previous webmaster for the site and this was recently turned over to me. are your referring to the files in themeforest? how can i get the updated files for avisio 1.2 if my account is not the one used to buy the theme?


    You need the account login data of the account you purchased the theme with. Otherwise we can’t verify if you bought Avisio or another theme/plugin. If you don’t have the account informatin you need to request it from the previous webmaster. You can download the theme in the download section afterwards.


    we hoped that the item purchase code used to register with this support forum was valid enough, this was the only thing we got from the previous webmaster. if you can arrange where to get the updates from it will be helpful.



    Unfortunately we have no access / control to Theme Forest accounts so wouldn’t be able to obtain the file from your account. Try asking your former webmaster if they can provide the login data / a copy of the theme. If they can’t / won’t let us know and we’ll try to work something out.



    they won’t give it out because it’s their themeforest account, the avisio theme purchase is part of the package. giving the item purchase code is the least they can do. how can i contact you in private for you guys to check out the website concerned? thanks for helping i hope we can work something out.


    I asked Kriesi to look into it.


    thanks a lot, will be waiting for it.


    hi any news?


    I sent him an email yesterday. I’m not sure if he already looked into it.


    the site that needs fixing is http://newuniversitypress.com , not working properly in IE9.


    hey danyno! Please send me your contact details via mail so I can send you the latest copy. However please understand that you should really try to get the login data for themeforest since I cant manually send updates to users everytime a new bugfix is released :)


    hi kriesi,

    i’ve sent an email via your contact form here in the site regrading my email address. hoping to get the updates soon. thanks

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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