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    I understand that for post images you may want to create several size thumbnails but when adding images in a gallery for an event/post/page for example it become really ridiculous to have so many formats and sizes.

    I would expect to only have 2 images sizes for the gallery:

    Thumbnail and full size

    I would strongly recommend in future themes if possible to separate the js for uploads for the gallery and for the theme as I just did a test:

    19 photos uploaded for a single gallery generated 310 files. The original 19 files were using 1.9 megs, the 310 files are using 9.5 megs of space. You can see how fast this can become a serious issue. My upload folder is already 5 gigs because of the gallery due to all the other thumbnails.

    ideally the theme would recognize that images are uploaded for the gallery and not for any other parts of the site and would not create all the other sizes.

    Just my 2 cents

    EDIT: Can the thumbnails on upload be disabled and instead generated on the fly when needed as opposed to storing tons of them? My server can handle the work I just wonder if this is a theme specific issue or a general WP issue.

    EDIT EDIT: seems I already mentioned something like this 5 months ago and Kriesi responded…I must have forgotten

    I understand that for the majority of people it may not be an issue. I have already disabled most thumbnails sizes in the function file…I am now just commenting to recommend that you see in future themes if it is possible to not have tons thumbnails for galleries only.

    I guess also that gig storage is cheap and with bandwidth growing this may not be an issue anymore in couple of years. My other point is that when moving from one theme to another ie Newcast to Corona you may get different sizes generated ie after 2 or 3 themes changes your upload folder becomes unmanageable due to 20 thumbnails sizes for each single image…cleaning and sorting that folder is almost as fun as cleaning 20000 songs’ meta tags in itunes :)



    you’re right – that’s one of the many drawbacks of wordpress thumbnail feature. You must create a new thumbnail for every size because it can’t generate them dynamically (like the timthumb script can). Every time you change a thumbnail size you must regenerate them. Another major drawback is that wordpress always center crops images whereas timthumb allows you some other cropping methodes too. However the trend goes to wp’s thumbnail function because Timthumb causes a higher server load (which may cause problems on shared hosters) and since someone encountered a security vulnerability in an older version of the script everyone is freaking out when they find out that the theme uses timthumb (newer versions (version 2+) are considered as secure afaik).

    To be honest I don’t think that we’ll switch back to timthumb because this may affect sales and the support work (queries like “omg – your theme isn’t secure – HELP”, etc.) – most other plugin/theme authors already replaced timthumb too.


    Is there anyway NOT to create 5 images for each image as I have no need for the extra size images and don’t want the “bloat” of having all these images that I’m not going to use.

    So is there a way to just add the image and size that I want and NOTHING ELSE?




    I believe you can just remove the lines for image sizes you don’t need from your functions.php file.


    Hi Chris,

    Wow, I wish I would have known that before I even started…LOL

    It sure would have saved me a lot of time.



    Yes – you can just remove unnecessary sizes from functions.php. Afterwards regenerate the thumbs with: – this will remove leftover thumbs too.


    So the regenerate-thumbnails will delete the images that I am not currently using once I’ve edited the functions.php file?

    That would be just too cool, I’ll have to give that a spin.


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