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    Hi there,

    My client has a website I made with propulsion.

    The website is being used as a lookbook for models.

    I decided to have a separate widget for every model to display their sizes etc.

    My client has over 140 models and thus over 140 widgets.

    When a new widget is being saved the saving proces is becoming really slow

    and eventually the browser even crashes.

    I am currently using a plugin called widget Ninja to allocate the widgets to the right pages.

    Do you guys know of another solution I could dive into. instead of using widgets there must be

    a more efficient way of adding the model information per page and in the sidebar.

    Thank you very much…


    Hi BenWorx,

    Very dangerous system since WordPress widgets are a little unstable. If you were to ever remove a widget are from within the middle of the group all those after would move one page up in the list.

    The one thing I can think of would be to make a new custom template for each model page and then have it pull meta data for a specific page which then displays that models data.

    This is what Angular does which also has each of the meta items for each portfolio item customizable:




    Hi Devin,

    Thanx for the reply… Let me check if I got you right:

    1. Drop the widget solution as it is too instable

    2. Create for each model page a seperate template (140+ templates isn’t unstable or makes the site slow?)

    3. I don’t really get the meta data part, can you explain a bit more?



    No, a single wordpress template file that displays meta data. So an actual php file that just as some additional changes to it.


    and for the custom meta data fields use Custom Fields:



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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