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    Hey machelper!

    Please update Enfold to the latest version 2.8 via FTP – http://vimeo.com/67209750
    and let us know if issue remains



    In progress now, thanks. I’ll repost when I get it updated and poke around. Thanks! -Jeremy



    You are welcome Jeremy, we will be waiting to hear from you!



    Thanks, Yigit, I think everything is working normally now. I’ve learned my lesson — first check for theme updates. How do I know if there is an update — the enfold theme update wasn’t listed in my admin dashboard. I guess the auto-update notifications don’t work with enfold?

    Just FYI, the FTP update method failed for me. When I tried to overwrite the old enfold theme folder with the new one, my FTP client gave me the following error message:

    Could not delete “background-images”.
    Server said: Can’t remove directory: Directory not empty
    Error -126: remote rmdir failed

    I eventually tried deleting the older theme within WP admin, and uploading a zip of the new theme from the WP admin, and that worked.

    I’m using a child/parent setup, if that makes any difference in this case. Bluehost shared hosting. FTP client: Transmit for Mac. FTP uploading is working fine in other circumstances, though quite slow of late.

    What is your recommendation about updating the enfold theme within the WP Admin Dashboard — is this a bad idea? Should I always download and manually upload updates? Even if I can get FTP working for this purpose, somehow it is VERY slow, something like 40x slower than uploading a zip of the whole thing.




    You should just overwrite the files via FTP you do not need to delete existing ones and updating from WP backend is not a bad idea but i prefer updating via FTP to make sure all files get overwritten.



    Ok, thanks for this. As I mentioned, FTP method failed with the above error message, so that wasn’t possible that time. Maybe there were permissions issues with those files

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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