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    Here is my Portfolio website: http://maudebeauregard.com.

    In the top slider that contain the video entry, there is the “+”, “-” and “x” button.

    When I click on the “+” or “-” button, the video change to the next or the previous video.

    It’s perfect, but I don’t want the boxe to re-size when it change.

    I would like it to still the same size all the way through since all my entries are the exact same size.



    Any help? Please?


    Hi maudiebeaux,

    Try to add this code in your Quick CSS or custom.css:

    .inner_slide {
    height: 367px !important;

    Hope this helps.




    Thanks! That’s it!

    The only thing now is that my videos still re-sizing when I navigate through de top container. Is there a way to fixe the video size when I open it in the top boxe?

    Thnaks again,




    You can try following code:

    .ajax-portfolio-response .slideshow.fade_slider{
    height: 367px !important;




    Nice! I’m almost where I want my site to be!

    I thing again… My video are flickering when I click the “+” or “-“. It’s like if there were loading 2 times… Is there a way to avoid this? Please!

    Thanks again very much for the support,



    Any idea why my video flicker?





    Hi Maude,

    I tried a number of things to fix the flicker but I wasn’t able to find a fix. I’m not sure if its the ajax loading in that is causing it or an attempt a webkit transition effect.

    Let me tag the other support crew and see if anyone has any ideas.





    it seems like vimeo replaces a thumbnail of the video (image) with a video file and that causes the flicker. Everything happens within the iframe so there’s nothing we can do on our end.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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