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    Is it possible to translate the Portfolio Meta Information categories (Client, Date, etc.) so that an English page shows ‘Date’ ‘Client’ etc….but a Spanish page shows ‘Año’ ‘Cliente’ etc…?

    Is it possible to also allow for translation of custom made/additional meta fields? Even better if there is a way to do so with the WPML plugin, but I am prepared to edit PHP (in a child theme) if need be.

    Any help



    I think this post: may help you.


    I looked at that link, but it only displays a question asked 5 months ago, without any answer. (the long block of coding text is part of the question, and not the solution)

    I guess adding the string to the .mo file would be another possibility. Which leaves me two new questions:

    1a. The .mo files do not contain the strings for the ‘Date’ ‘Client’ ‘Skills Needed’ categories. What theme files must I edit so that they show up in the .mo file for translation?

    1b. Once found, how do I actually change the string? (what do I type)

    2. It would be best practice to edit these files and add them as a Child Theme, so as not to overwrite the main files. Do I have to respect the original heirarchy when adding them to a Child Theme?

    Ok, that was 3 questions, not 2.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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