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    I almost found every php section (im a designer :) ) for translating step-by-step the things, but i dont know where to find that section in header on right side where the My Account Logout Searchbar is, and the “Cart” word that is in the line with menu.

    Thank You!


    and just one more section to find. The “You are here” section.


    Personally I’d use a po file to translate the plugin (default.po can be found in the replete/lang/ folder or use codestyling: to translate the theme. If you really want to hardcode the text open up wp-contentthemesrepleteconfig-woocommerceconfig.php and search for:

    $output .= "<li class='$current account_overview_link'><a href='".$url['account_overview']."'>".__('My Account', 'avia_framework')."</a>";
    $output .= "<ul>";
    $output .= "<li class='$sub1 account_change_pw_link'><a href='".$url['account_change_pw']."'>".__('Change Password', 'avia_framework')."</a></li>";
    $output .= "<li class='$sub2 account_edit_adress_link'><a href='".$url['account_edit_adress']."'>".__('Edit Address', 'avia_framework')."</a></li>";
    $output .= "<li class='$sub3 account_view_order_link'><a href='".$url['account_view_order']."'>".__('View Order', 'avia_framework')."</a></li>";
    $output .= "</ul>";
    $output .= "</li>";
    $output .= "<li class='account_logout_link'><a href='".$url['logout']."'>".__('Log Out', 'avia_framework')."</a></li>";


    $output .= "<a class='cart_dropdown_link' href='".$link."'>".__('Cart', 'avia_framework')." - </a><span class='cart_subtotal'>".$cart_subtotal."</span>";

    and in wp-contentthemesrepleteframeworkphpclass-breadcrumb.php search for:

    'before' => '<span class="breadcrumb-title">' . __( 'You are here:', $textdomain ) . '</span>',


    echo '<p class="breadcrumb"><span class="breadcrumb_info">'.__('You are here:','avia_framework').'</span> <a href="'.get_bloginfo('url').'">';


    Yes, that would be the elegant way. But…

    Thank You, worked fine. I will post the link when the site will goes officially online, will bet the original Replete theme :) just joking!

    Thanks again!


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