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    Hi there,

    after upgrading to Abundace 1.9 and Woocomerce 2.0.8 I have problems with transaltion of three phrases on my site:

    1) description “Cart” in cart icon, upper right corner

    2) description “Search site” right upper corner

    3) description “Show details” in product thumbnails

    I have already edited Woocommerce – i18n – languages – file woocemmerce cs_CZ.po


    WP-content – Themes – Abunance – Lang – cs_CZ.po


    WP-content – Languages – cs_CZ.po and ms.CZ.po.

    With older version of Abundace and Woocommerce everything was translated perfectly but now it seems I am doing a mistake somewhere, because I even could not find keywords Cart, Search site and Show detail in language files. I am using Poedit.

    Could you plese help me to solve it?

    Thanks in advance. Robert



    I guess your po file is a bit outdated. I generated a new one – you can download it here

    Please translate it and upload it into the WP-content – Themes – Abunance – Lang folder.


    Hi Dude, thanks a lot for sending me new .po file. I do not understand why I was working with outdatet file even after downloading new version of WP and Wooccommerce, I supposed that new version overwrites always old language files.

    Right now my problemwith three phrases “Cart”, “Search site” and ” Show details are solved, thank you!

    But:) I still have some untranslated words on checkout page:

    1) “confirm password” in section for opening new account. This phrase I did not find in any of my .po files

    2) includes% – in total price. This one I located in Woocommerce po file, translated but still appears in english on my web

    3) heading of e-mail order “New customer order” was translated but english version still appears.

    Maybe my woocommerce .po file is old as well but I do not know where to get the new one.


    Yes – all strings are part of the woocommerce plugin code and you can’t translate them with the theme files. You can download the latest version of the woocommerce translation files here: – if necessary use Poedit and the catalog file (.pot) to update your language file.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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