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    Hi, i’m trying to build a simple multisite/multilingual setup. I have my main site in english, and the other “multisite” in french in a subdirectory /fr.

    The english version works perfectly. The problem is with the french version. The admin area is fine (french), but the output on the website is bilingual.

    Like it was discussed in another post, i see things like “this entry has”, and “search site”… The directions in the post are: You need to translate WordPress, fine. How?

    I read the other post 30 times, i went on the french version wordpress site, pages, documentation… but i’m still stuck. What po/mo/pot files do i need to translate? Where do i get these files?

    I tried to take the po/mo files from a complete french wp download and put them in the /lang directory, without success.

    I have no idea what to do, i’ve been on this for 48h, and i still can’t get the basic theme to work properly on the french version.

    Any solutions or ideas?



    Hi fpainchaud,

    I’m not sure of your problem but by default WP is “monolingual” and the default language is define in the wp-config.php file.

    You have to use a plugin to be able to have a bi(multi)lingual WP site, like WPML.

    Hope this could help… If i really understood your matter.




    Thanks, but i have the multilingual sites working.

    English = perfect

    French = ok, but the theme is not 100% in french, 80% of it is french, 20% is still english

    I have the language switcher… all is working perfectly, except the french version, where the Propulsion theme is partially translated.

    When i bought it said “translation ready” and it’s one of the reason i bought it :-s

    It has something to do with .po / .mo / .pot (not too sure in that area), but i think i did all that was required, without success

    Thanks for your message, and let me know if you have any idea! Hopefully dude will drop me a line soon :-)




    tu dois editer ton fichier default.po avec un logiciel tel que poedit et quand tu l’enregistres tu le fais sous cette forme :

    fr_FR.po, la wordpress reconnait direct et prendra en compte la traduc directe!!

    le logiciel est gratuit :


    merci @laminak, oui j’en ai un fichier fr_FR.po que j’ai trouvé ici (est-ce ok?)

    j’ai mis les fichiers .po / .mo qui semblent ok, mais sans succès. C’est le premier site que je monte bilingue (monté des centaines en anglais)



    a mon avis tu dois traduire le .po du theme !!

    dans le dossier lang


    dans le dossier lang, il y a déja les fichiers et fr_FR.po, je devrais quand même traduire le default.po? A quoi servent les fichiers FR en place dans ce cas?

    Merci encore laminak


    dans le dossier lang de ton theme propulsion…


    j’ai essayé plusieurs tentatives, je change par exemple (previous entry), upload les nouveaux fichiers po/mo, et je ne vois pas la différence sur le site live. J’utilise un “child theme”, est-ce que ca a un impact? J’ai testé en créant un dossier /lang dans le dossier du child theme, mais sans succès non plus.

    Je ne comprends pas, ca change pas mal mes plans! :-(



    Certains d’entre le texte anglais qui ne peuvent pas être traduits sont texte en ligne créé sur votre fichier de thème et se trouve principalement sur ​​les comprend dossier. Ils sont les boucles et le format de poste. Vous pouvez trouver «l’entrée précédente”, “Related Post”, “Lire la suite” texte là-bas et plus.

    Une autre raison pour laquelle ils ne peuvent pas être traduire, je suppose, c’est parce qu’ils sont des textes CUFON qui est essentiellement un texte de l’image rubrique.

    Je suis en utilisant Google translate alors pardonnez-moi si j’ai tort de grammaire.

    Je vais transmettre la présente à Kriesi et parmi le personnel de soutien.




    pour traduire “previous entry” et “next entry”, tu vas ds ton theme et tu edites le fichier single.php (c’est pour le blog)vers la ligne 49

    et pour le portfolio c’est dans propulsion/includes/loop-portfolio-single.php vers la ligne 93.

    mais tu auras un problème lors des mises a jour, tu devras recommencer!!

    tout ce que tu ne peux traduire ds la .po .mo tu devras le faire en “dur” (editer direct le fichier).


    merci Laminak, merci Ismael

    (Ismael, i speak perfect english, don’t worry about french translation)

    oui, j’ai pensé aux modifications au theme, c’est pour cela que j’ai monté setupé le tout avec un “child theme”.

    Est-ce possible d’avoir d’utiliser un child theme avec multiple sites? J’ai créer un dossier “/lang” dans le répertoire de mon child theme, avec les fichiers po/mo, mais sans succès.



    Did you translate the files from here: ? In the first post you said “I tried to take the po/mo files from a complete french wp download ” which indicates that you used the standard wordpress mo/po file to translate the theme. This won’t work because the theme uses other files. The standard wp po/mo files are required to translate standard text strings and the backend, the theme mo/po files will translate the theme text strings.


    Thanks dude,

    I saw that post, but i don’t see anything there regarding a french po/mo download, sorry :-(

    All i read is people wanting to get their hands on the french version, but can’t see where to download

    Thanks for further instructions,



    We don’t offer a french version yet (we can just provide files other users sent us). You need to translate the default po/mo file by yourself. I’d appreciate if you can provide your translated files afterwards because this will help other users who want to use a “french version”.


    Thanks dude,

    I have no problem getting that file fully translated and sharing it here, but i still don’t get it, and i would need this to work to do it.

    I’m trying to learn how to build a multilingual/multisite install with WP using available online info, but the info here and the info elsewhere doesn’t seem to fit.

    So you’re saying i should just translate that “default.po/mo” file and re-upload that same “default.po/mo” file into the folder ../themes/propulsion/lang/ ? Under the same name? Or fr_FR?

    I translated “this entry has” from the default file, i saved both files (mo/po), uploaded them in /propulsion/lang/, and i still see “this entry has”, and not my translated text. There’s definitely something i am missing here.

    Whit this method, how and where do i set the site language? Usually from Settings / General, but without using the WP language directory, i don’t see the language option.

    Does multisite / multilingual work while using a child theme? I know it works fine with one site, but multilingual i am not sure




    Open up default.po with poedit: and translate all strings. Then save the file as and fr_FR.po and insert/upload it into the propulsion/lang folder. Afterwards all theme related front-end tex should be translated properly.


    Hi, does anyone have the fr_FR.po file for propulsion? Even partially translated? much appreciated!




    I found a po file here: :)



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