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    Hi there,

    I got a problem with my sidebar. I translated the widget titles via the WPML String translator. That worked fine.

    However, when adding a product to my cart, the sidebar displays two buttons:

    “bekijk winkelwagen” and “afrekenen”

    These mean: view cart and checkout

    However, they show up in Dutch, in both the English as in the Dutch version of my website. The dutch translation appears in the sidebar and on top when I hover over “my cart”.

    Again: the widgets are translated! Just those two buttons are not. How can I get this done?


    Also, when in the English version of my website when you do this;

    – add product to cart

    – click “bekijk winkelwagen” (which should be “view cart)

    – this brings you to the dutch page..

    So those buttons also link towards the dutch pages while they should link you to the english ones..


    Alright, so I just took a look again, and now it’s the other way around!

    You’ll see “checkout” and “view cart”, but also on the Dutch version of the website -.-

    Clicking on the links, now brings you from the Dutch version of the website to the english one.


    So; Still not fixed, but now the problem’s the other way around.


    Yes i do.


    I got all these installed:

    Woocommerce multilingual

    WPML multilingual CMS

    WPML string translation

    WPML translation management

    And I did modify all the strings..



    Please take a look at these images and compare them to your settings

    Would you point out the page on your site where you translated a product, because your settings make it hard to figure out what is what since non translated posts redirect to homepage.

    For example, this is the english version , but there is no dutch version.. I went through a number of your products and can’t find one yet.




    So I went through the settings, but I had them all pretty much the same.

    For the category: I forgot to create Dutch categories. I just did and they’re now online, too.

    However, the buttons are still wrong translated.. :(

    I can send you my login details if that would be easier.



    Please send credentials to

    usjahm (at) gmail (dot) com .. If i blow up your site accidently , make a backup just in case (unless it doesn’t matter).







    I sent you an email. Please look here, and there is winkels and afreekaneers in the sidebar now. Is this what you needed?

    I added a few free plugins to your site as well one for seo and one for security that you really should be using at some point.




    Just sent you a mail back.

    Thanks, and thanks for installing those plugins! That’s just excellent ;)



    Please delete everything. You can backup your translations. There is a major problem with wordpress or perhaps a database error somewhere. – Languages show words randomly translated, permalinks are messed up. I switched themes and still menus for example is a complete mess.




    I’ll take a look at it tomorrow, thanks for the reply Nick. Busy day today, so I’ll contact you later this week



    I will create a new wpml-config file for you based on code from WPML people to squeeze out every possible string to translate . Will get it to you shortly.




    Hi Nick,

    do you have any idea when you’ll have that ready?

    I wanted to work on the site today as I need to get it finished soon..

    I haven’t deleted everything yet, do I still need to do so?

    I made a back up of everything I got, but if I’d delete everything and then put the back-up back, will it also place back all of my content? ..

    Thanks for your help


    Alright, I just took a look at my website and it’s now completely messed up? I didn’t change a thing after you logged in. But the shop-page (winkel) on the Dutch version doesn’t show up anymore, same for “contact”. When I click on these I get an error-page. Did you change the permalinks or something?..


    Worse, the English version doesn’t work anymore, too.. I can’t go view my cart or anything..



    I am sorry but I thought you wanted me to attempt to fix the issues because without changing settings and trying to get to bottom of problem , what was I supposed to do but look around as if in a museum…

    As I wrote earlier, you have serious problems with your install for it to behave as it is, and it is better to flush such issues now than six months from now when you are up and running. You can export your 10 translated pages, or even copy and paste them in notepad and then recreate them in under 10 minutes. Good thing we caught this now before you have hundreds of products.

    Unfortunately this is part of life when dealing with software that is why its important to backup regularly. This may also be a good time for you to setup a development subdomain where you should test everything before adding it to your live site. (new plugin, theme versions, updates etc..)

    Once you reset please let me know (should take you 10 mins max.)



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