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    I could translate my site using poedit.

    However, there are some areas and functions that are still in English. For example, Corona Latest News or archive section show the months in English.

    How can I fix that?

    Thank you,




    as far as I know these words are translated by WordPress. You need to set your backend language to your desired language:



    I configured my language in the wp-config.php file ( define (‘WPLANG’, ‘nl_NL’); ). Aldo places the correspondig language files on the server in wp-content/langugage.

    Still some text is in English from the template (or framework) and I want this in Dutch. Examples;

    – Archive for moth: …….

    – Search results for : demo

    Nothing found..

    You might want to consider some of our suggestions to get better results:

    Check your spelling.

    Try a similar keyword, for example: tablet instead of laptop.

    Try using more than one keyword.

    Is there a possibility to change this?


    Strange – I’ll investigate the issue. It works fine here. You can translate it manually. Open up includes/loop-search.php and translate the strings there. The archive headlines can be found in coronaframeworkphpfunction-set-avia-frontend.php after following code:



    Hello Dude and Plengkeek,

    I managed to translate almost everything with the plugin: CodeStyling Localization

    Worked perfectly, you check my site to see the result:


    Thanks for the feedback. I will investigate the plugin.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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