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    I am having some trouble with the Flexible Grid Gallery. In 2 (not all) of my pages in which I use this Gallery Layout only half of the images load (yes I do scrow-dow all the way). I do not have the same problem when using other layouts (like full screen or 3 column) on this 2 pages, and I have already tried to deleting the pages and uploading all the images over again, but I keep having the same issue.

    Is it possible that it is a bug? or is there a limit of images that can be displayed in this layout? These 2 pages do happen to have more that 25 images in comparison to the rest were I have no issue with the Flexible Grid Gallery Layout.

    Thanks in advance!


    Today, I added more photos to one of the pages in which the Flexible Grid Gallery was working properly, but now that it has 24 pictures instead of 18 the page won’t load all the images even when I scroll down. Can anyone help please? I could use the 3 column gallery instead, but one of the reasons I bought the theme was because I liked the layout of the Flexible Grid Gallery.

    Please help




    In case anyone is having the same issue. I think I found the source of the problem. I was trying to use the layout in a gallery which I had created on a regular page rather and a portfolio item. When I created the portfolio item and added the images the flexible grid gallery worked fine!

    good luck!


    Glad you were able to solve your issue.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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