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    I am having trouble getting Post UI Tabs plugin to work with the Display theme. I have tried it with another theme, and the plugin works fine. When the Display theme is activated, instead of showing the tabbed content on the page, it shows the tab titles, which appear as links with the unordered list format. Following the list, the content for each of the tabs appears. Is there some kind of css modification that I can make to address this issue? Thank you for your help.



    can you post a link to your website please? Maybe it’s a js conflict.


    Sure. The page with the Post UI Tabs shortcodes is at http://wirthcreative.com/adventures/the-work. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You provide great support!


    Just checking back to see if there is a way for me to address the issue of getting Post UI Tabs to work. How could I determine if it is a js conflict and, if it is, how do I address it? Thanks for any help you can provide..


    It seems like the lightbox js file: http://wirthcreative.com/wp-content/themes/display/js/prettyPhoto/js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js is missing on your server. Please upload it (again).


    I’m not sure how that file went missing, but I re-uploaded it and now Post UI Tabs are working just fine. Thanks for the great support that you provide, not only to me, but to everyone on this board.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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