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    I’m trying to get the Portfolio page working but just can’t fathom it from the instructions.

    I’ve created a page named ‘Portfoliio’ and set this as my portfolio page. I have a category named ‘portfoliio’ which has been assigned to update the Portfolio page and finally, I have added a post in the ‘portfolio’ category. This post contains one image, which I expected to show up in the portfoliio. In fact, nothing shows up except for footer content.

    I have a feeling I’ve missed something major – could somebody point me in the right direction please?

    Thanks :-)




    Please, please, please could someone help with this? I’m completely blocked and unable to use the theme.




    Pretty please?


    Hi Claire,

    Sorry it took so long for one of us to respond! We’ve update the support system a bit and thankfully it now brought up your post for me to address.

    Make sure that the Post you are creating has the image information filled in for the Twicet Options Panel below the visual editor. Specifically, the Fullsize Image for Portfolio and Small Image for Portfolio. They will need to be in the form of a URL, eg: http://www.yourdomain/yourimage1.jpg



    Many thanks for this – I hadn’t twigged that the URL should go there – now I’m making progress :-)

    I now have some related questions…sorry!


    On your demo pages for the Twicet theme, your portfolio ‘slides’ show ‘read more’ and ‘next’ buttons. I am assuming that a ‘slide’ is a post, but I don’t see these options on my portfolio posts. To create my ‘slide’, I added a post with the appropriate portfolio category. You can see the results on my test site, here:

    Come to think of it, this page looks like a blog entry – I have a horrible feeling I’ve misunderstood this…


    On your demo slides, you have the example of a smaller image with some text and buttons. I’m curious how you achieved this?


    I have added widgets to by ‘sidebar everywhere’. The widgets are added to the BOTTOM of the sidebar but your standard placeholder text remains at the top.

    Many thanks :-)



    Hi Claire,

    1) If you mean the mainpage slider, its made up of any post categories you choose. So it can be portfolio, featured news, announcements are all of them. It looks like you’ve set up your post correctly, but you might want to check your Settings>Reading to see if you have a page designated to be the home page Static page instead of Your latest posts.

    2) The difference between the full size sliders and the half or smaller is just in the size of the image. To get a full size, use an image that is 350px high and 950px wide and check the checbox for “Only Display Image”. If the image is smaller than that, it will show the post excerpt that overlaps with the image and has the buttons (example 350px by 350px image).

    3) You’ll need to add at least one widget to the Sidebar Pages to remove the default content.

    If you have not already, give the documentation pdf a good read through. It should help guide you through a lot of the basics even if it is a bit long and wordy :)


    Hi there

    Thanks very much for your response, I think that I’m getting there!

    Hopefully my final question (I promise that I’ve read the docs and lots of the forum!) will see me on my way.

    I wanted the ‘Home’ page to be static welcome text but, when users select the ‘portfolio’ page from the menu, they would get the rotating image functionality. My plan was to display client logos on this page and, when someone chooses to ‘read more’ they would be taken to a project case study.

    I suspect what I’m asking is whether the main page can be made to be a secondary page?

    Many thanks again.



    Hi Claire,

    Unfortunately that isn’t something the theme could handle without some pretty heavy modification. You might want to look into using a plugin like NextGen gallery to insert slideshows into your portfolio items instead.

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