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    Hello, can anybody help me with this?

    I’m trying to turn my post page into a full width page – so no side bar or comments at the bottom. The post page would appear the same as a full width page template. So no need for a light box as the images will be full size…




    in single.php replace following code:

    $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = ""; // $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = "class='fullwidth'";


    $k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = "class='fullwidth'"; //$k_option['custom']['bodyclass'] = "";

    and remove:

    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>


    Thanks, that has made the page full width and removed the side bar.

    What I need to do now is have the image show as a full size image image (940 x 420) instead of it being the medium size image with the expanding light box as this is no longer needed.

    Thanks again for your help.



    The code which controls the images in single.php is near the top and looks like this:

    $preview = kriesi_build_image(array('url'=>$preview,
    'height'=> '273',
    'width'=> '610',

    So, it’s relatively easy to change the image size and link simply by changing a few details here, change the width and height to your new image size and remove the lightbox line to remove the lightbox popup.

    You can see all the available parameters for the image display function in /framework/helper_functions/kriesi_build_image.php.




    I tried that and now when I click the ‘read more’ link in my portfolio page I am taken to a blank white page – in the address bar it shows

    I am getting a bit desperate as I rely on this portfolio site for my work. I was hoping that turning the post page into a simple full width page was not going to be difficult. If I cant resolve this I will have to buy another theme like ‘inFocus’ that offers a full width post page as an option.

    Please help me create a simple full width page for my posts.



    Also this,


    link does not work


    I answered your question here – (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -of-a-post – please don’t cross post.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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