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    Can you give me some advice on configuring Ubermenu to look the same as on the demo site please?

    Currently the Ubermenu style is incorrect.

    Many thanks




    Abundance comes with an inbuild mega menu function. There’s no need to use plugins like Ubermenu. You can create the mega menu by using the menu manager (Appearance > Menus) and it will be styled properly. We are not familiar with the Ubermenu code and we don’t have a copy of it. I’d suggest to use the inbuild Abundance mega menu or to contact the plugin author for styling tips/preset styles. The demo shows Abundance’s native mega menu feature.


    Oh damn it… I bought it because I saw it listed on the plugins section on one of your videos.

    I’ve deactivated it… but I can’t see the same options as you have for a wide menu with images etc.


    Ahh, I see… When I imported the demo data, I expected the megamenu option to appear in menu manager.

    I’ve recreated the main menu and now I have the option.


    Glad that it works now. You can add images by using the description field – it supports html tags and inline css styles. You can i.e. add image tags to the description text and the image will be displayed within the mega menu.


    Thanks for that theme, but about the mega menu, could you tell us, more specificly, how to put images in the first row like the demo.

    I’m sorry, i try but it doesn’t work.


    You can use any html code (like image tags, div, span, etc.) elements in the description field and/or title field. If you’d like to add an image just use following code and make sure that the src-attribute points to your image.

    <img src="my-image.jpg" alt="alt text" title="title" />

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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