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    Hello, i’m using Ubermenu with Broadscope. When i enable Ubermenu, the menu from broadscope disapear and the new menu take place on the site, but always on top of the page and not just on top of the slider

    I’m trying to put the Ubermenu php code in my header php, but it’s still the same, Ubermenu take place on top of the site. I’ve replaced all that ” <?php


    * display the main navigation menu

    * modify the output in your wordpress admin backend at appearance->menus


    $args = array(‘fallback_cb’ => ‘avia_fallback_menu’);




    <?php uberMenu_easyIntegrate(); ?>

    but still on the top.

    I’ve also try to replace only “$args = array(‘fallback_cb’ => ‘avia_fallback_menu’);” and conserve “wp_nav_menu($args);” but still the same problem.

    Do you know how i can resolve this problem and put my Ubermenu just on top of the slider?

    thanks you for helping


    Please contact the plugin author about this issue. Basically Ubermenu should work out of the box with our themes however maybe it requires some css adjustments. I used Ubermenu with Propulsion and I just had to assign it to the right theme location (eg Main Menu).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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