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    Just trying to find out if the UberMenu plugin came with the Enfold theme & if so where do I find it?



    Hi idealmm!

    The short answer to your question is that UberMenu isn’t included in the theme; the theme includes an excellent but different MegaMenu facility.

    The link from Devin covers the integration of UberMenu if you buy it separately and want to use it with the theme. In most cases, it works “out of the box”.





    Thanks for your input AndrewJ.



    Thanks for the info guys. Is there a way to customize the Mega Menu Andrew? Working on a site & trying to get the parent -> 2nd -> 3rd to show up in an uber style menu instead of going down, & back to the left. Also, is there a way to edit the spacing between the main menu & child menu? I’m using a 180px logo so when you hover over the main menu the child menu starts about 30-40 pixels underneath.




    Please ask the plugin author if (and how) you can customize the styling of the Ubermenu plugin.

    Best regards,


    Dude I’m not trying to customize the Ubermenu that didn’t come with the enfold theme. Just trying to find out if the “Megamenu” Andrew is talking about can be customized?




    No, the included mega menu doesn’t have any built in customization options. You *can* give it columns, titles, add image or html content into it from the WordPress menus manager however.



    Thanks Devin!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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