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    I’ve searched for similar threads to this and while I managed to find a couple that touched on it I was unable to find a definitive answer to this question.

    1. Is Ubermenu fully compatible with Enfold without having to edit anything too complicated just as jquery, as I’m sure I read something about possible conflicts and having to edit .php files?

    Many thanks,



    Yes, there might be cases where you need edit some files but as far as I know, you only need to edit the styling (css) part.




    Thanks Ismael and sorry for posting yet another topic. I do actual spend considerable time searching for the answers I need before doing so though.

    If we have problems can we pay you a small fee to help out here as we need a similar menu to this and mega menu isn’t responsive, so isn’t an option.




    The support team will help you for free but we can’t make sure that we can answer all your inquiries and give you all the solutions you need. I suggest you hire a freelance developer or consult someone before buying the plugin.




    I fully appreciate that thanks Ismael, just wanted to know if there is any known conflicts with Jquery as i can attempt to style the menu myself. Anything more than that is problematic though.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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