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    i understand that to create a new portfolio, one has to simply “add new portfolio entry” but the rest of it completely defeats me

    i dont understand how the categories link to the pictures and the items .. could someone please help thanks


    Hi anudas!

    You can add/choose portfolio categories on the right side of the Portfolio Items > Add New page http://i.imgur.com/7EHj1ox.jpg
    I would suggest you to import dummy content in Enfold theme options and edit existing portfolio items to figure out how they work faster



    HI Yigit

    sorry i m such a dumbass :) ok

    1. when i create a new page, do i create it as a new page or new portfolio entry. cuz if i create a new portfolio entry, then i cant use the template ..

    2. this is what i want to do ..

    i want to showcase

    >>Trt 1
    >> Trt 2
    >>Trt 3
    >> Trt 2
    > Body
    >> Body Treatment 1
    >> body Treatment 2
    >> body Treatment 3

    so how do i add these as portfolio items and i have created categories but am not sure how to link them to the items ..

    say one category would be the facial services
    another would be the body services

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    You can create a page and add add Portfolio Grid element under Content Elements http://i.imgur.com/YMy33IJ.jpg
    Then you can add your portfolio items and they will appear on the page you have added Portfolio Grid element
    You may want to take a look at this video tutorial http://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/64927359



    ok will do thanks :)

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