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    Hello friends, after updating the theme and the abundance wp 3.6 the slider does not work, it will not be pu changes from one to the other, do not have any transition.

    this happens also with the theme replete 1.4

    alguem pode me ajudar!


    Would like to use the theme replete abundance and the revolution slider plugin?

    I await response


    Hi Ferguss,

    You need to download the theme updates for both themes from your downloads on ThemeForest and then update your theme files.

    I did a video for Enfold on updating via FTP if you need a walk through:




    Hi Devin,

    I didn’t get any abundance update notification. How would I know that abundance theme i my downloads is already updated? Should I download it and then upload it via FTP to the host server?



    Yes, you should download it again on your themeforest account then overwrite the theme files via FTP. Please create a backup of your old theme files and your database for security purposes.




    I already uploaded the new abundance theme to the server, and rename the old one folder. But still I get the pop-up error message :

    “blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2”.

    Why’s that still having error?



    It is cause by the Woocommerce plugin. Please contact the woocommerce support.

    Open plugins > woocommerce > woocommerce.php, find this code:

    wp_register_script( 'jquery-blockui', $this->plugin_url() . '/assets/js/jquery-blockui/jquery.blockUI' . $suffix . '.js', array( 'jquery' ), '2.50', true );




    Ok, I have V1.9 on wp 3.6 and the same problem with jquery. Do we just comment this line out, or what?

    EDIT= Just update the plugin woocommerve to Version 2.0.13 and it fixes the jquery problem :)


    Hi, my I add an upgrading-question here?

    version.txt says that file css/layout.css has changed.

    There is no such file. not in the new version nor in the old one.

    Strange, huh?

    Can you help wit that?




    Hi Boris,

    Seems to just be an error in the change log. The layout css is in the main style.css for Abundance but for most other themes its separated out into layout.css.

    So you can ignore it.




    Allright. Thx for explaining…


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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