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    I’ve downloaded the Flashlight theme zip file 3 times from ThemeForest now, and get the same above message every time I try to install on my WP site. I’ve never had this installation issue before. Can you give any advice? (I’d rather not pay $29 to use WinAce but will if that’s the only solution.)

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi LEKelly,

    You can use a free FTP program like FileZilla to upload the unzipped folder directly to you wp-content/themes/ folder. Also, make sure the flashlight.zip only has the theme files inside of it and not the psd’s, documentation and another flashlight.zip inside of it just in case :)

    Link to FileZille: http://filezilla-project.org/


    Thanks, I’ll try Filezilla and doublecheck the file, too.


    This is what the unzipped folder contains. Are any of these even theme files? It was downloaded directly from ThemeForest like this. I’ll try Filezilla next but I don’t understand why this theme is different to upload than others.







    Hi LEKelly,

    There should also be a flashlight.zip there too. Normally, the zipped folder you get from themeforest has everything inside of it as well as a zip version of the them which can be uploaded through the wordpress interface.

    Please try to re-download the zip file from Themeforest again just in case there was some kind of error in the original download. Sorry for the trouble! Hopefully this is an easy hurdle to tackle.


    Yes, there is a separate flashlight.zip and the style.css zip is in there. I had the same problem, so I uploaded straight to the themes folder using FireFTP in my Mozilla Firefox browser, but Filezilla or any of the other FTP’s will work.


    Thanks everyone for the tips, but I still need help.

    I downloaded the theme again this morning (my sixth time). It did not work in the wordpress interface, so I turned to Filezilla. I haven’t used FTP in years, so that took a while to sort out. But after FTPing the theme, it is still not showing up in the WP Theme manager. All I see in my CPanel under WP-content>Themes are the following files for Flashlight: documentation>assets; license; plugins; psd.zip 1.6 2Mb; version_flashlight.rtf. I have never seen a flashlight.zip file. I know something’s wrong because this looks nothing like what’s in the 2011 Theme folder right below it, which has dozens of files.

    I can’t believe I’m getting so hung up on Step #1. What am I missing (or better yet, what is my download missing?)

    Thanks for any further tips.


    Hi LEKelly,

    First, delete the entire folder of Flashlight from your wp-content>themes folder. It should only contain theme files and the others will mess it up (the psd, plugins and license folders are not to be put into your themes folder on the server).

    When you open the zip file you download from Themeforest it should look like this:


    If it does NOT have the flashlight.zip file in it, you need to contact Envato support here: http://support.envato.com


    Thanks, Devin. I’ll contact Envato support. Almost ready to give up on this theme at this point…


    Just to close this, I never did hear back from Envato support, but decided to try downloading the file one more time this afternoon, and lo and behold the missing flashlight.zip file was in this download. Uploaded easily via WP interface. I wasted a day yesterday but oh, well.


    Hi LEKelly,

    I am so sorry you had to go through so many hoops just to get started! Hopefully it all goes smoothly moving forward but it does not, we should be able to help you a little more now that the theme is installed :)

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