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    Hi there,

    firstly thanks for the great theme, really loving it.

    However, there is one problem: In most cases I am not able to set an image from an image gallery as “featured image” of a blog post.

    What I do is the following: I write my post, click on the “upload/insert” button and select an image from the media library. I click on “use as featured image”, save everything, and update the post. Result is – nothing.

    If you have a look at, you’ll see what I mean with the two latest posts – no featured image.

    Funny thing however is that the working steps mentioned above worked once, see the third latest post on the url mentioned above (“Lausanne”). This one has a featured image as desired.

    In the meantime I have lost whatever hair was left finding out what the difference between this post and the two newer ones could be – I’ve tried using different browsers, using more words in the post, selecting different pics as featured image, … Funny thing is that with the “Lausanne”-Post I can change the featured image anytime, no problem.

    What am I doing wrong? Please advice :-)

    Thanks, and best regards,



    OMG, just found out: One must not click on “UPDATE” after setting the featured image… So, another thing learned the hard way ;-) Anyway, thanks again for the great theme, really enjoying it (now even more).

    Best regards, Clemens



    Glad that you solved the issue :)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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