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    Is there a way to use the lightbox feature in the page content area? For example if you were wrapping text around an image, you would simply insert image, but can you insert so when the user clicked the image the lightbox feature would be used.



    Sure – just wrap the image into an a href element which points to the fullsize version of the image and add a rel=”lightbox” attribute to the link – the code needs to look like:

    <a href='' rel="lightbox">
    <img src=''/>



    So I noticed you used Abundance, I’m using the Propulsion, does this matter?


    Okay I’ve got the lightbox showing up but it’s saying the image path isn’t correct, does it matter where the image is located? I’m not sure my first line of code is correct, I noticed you don’t reference the jpg in the first line.


    So it’s working now, only one other thing. Im showing an undefined text message below the image, Is this the caption, if so how do I target it?



    Have a look at the demo code page here: – you can apply a title to the link and a title to the image – one is used as description, the other as image title.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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