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    I’ve just downloaded Propultion for a client, and it meets their needs, but they’d love to have the accordion from Corona on their site. What would i have to purchase or do to use that accordion in Propultion? Do you see any compatibility issues? It looks like both are actually the Avia slider but there is an extra js file in Corona.

    If that accordion can’t be used for some reason, do you know of another one that also accepts video?

    Thank you very much.


    No, the Corona accordion won’t work with Propulsion because it’s not responsive (thus if the user resizes the window the layout will break). In addition it would require some custom work to implement it in Propulsion. I haven’t found a responsive accordion yet – even Slidedeck isn’t responsive.


    Thank you. I’m looking around for a responsive or at least flexible slider too. If i find anything that works well, i’ll post a link to it back here.

    Bearcat M Sandor on behalf of vnelson


    Hi vnelson,

    Mind you I haven’t tested any of these plugins with Propulsion but you may find one of them useful.

    http://wpmu.org/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -wordpress/



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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