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    Hello, on I only post videos.

    As you can see, I use the “Add featured Media” bloc to add my video (using the “Embled video when image is clicked”).

    The way you embed the videos from the majors video-sharing websites is just amazing !

    The problem is that if I don’t add an image in the featured media, I don’t have a preview image on the “Related Posts” section or in the “Shoutbox Combo Widget” .

    But if I add one, my visitors MUST click it to launch the video. How can I have a preview image used ONLY for “Related Posts” preview or in the “Shoutbox Combo Widget”

    Thank you in advance for your response.


    i have the same question.

    A capture…

    Thanks in advance,



    I would appreciate an answer to this topic too !




    it’s not possible because the related posts & the theme widgets don’t support video embedding.


    I think what the original poster ( I & others ) wish to have is just an “image capture” not a video player though …


    I’m going to try to explain it in details :

    The facts :

    I write a post with a video, using the “Embled video when image is clicked”

    What i would like :

    – Adding a preview image of the video that will be displayed ONLY into the widgets “Related Posts” and “Shoutbox Combo Widget” .

    – I don’t want that preview image on the article page (over the video) because if there is the image, my visitors MUST click twice to launch the video (one click to bypass the preview image and another click to launch the video) and i don’t want it.

    Do you understand my needs ?

    Thanks for your response ;)


    Yes – I’ll report this as feature request to Kriesi. At the moment it’s not possible because it’s a combination of featured video/image fallback which is not part of the framework yet.


    Thank you for your response Dude.

    Waiting for the return of the feature request you reported ;)


    Hey! I will have a look at the issue, but I am not sure if there is a smart way to pull this off without tearing the whole video embed function appart and recode it.

    what could work, if you have no problems with a global change is to modify the css to always hide the first image and display the video. That wouldnt effect the related post area but the main slider of each post

    .featured_container1.comboslide .slideshow_overlay{

    .featured_container1.comboslide .slideshow_video {
    display: block;

    .featured_container1.comboslide img{
    display: none;


    Hi, thanks for your response, you put me on the lead, i modified the slideshow.css file this way

    .slideshow img, .slideshow a img{


    Glad Kriesi could help you :)


    Hey, seems like I am trying to do the same thing. However, I just wish to get rid of the preview image on the blog post, so people don’t have to double click there.

    I tried Kriesi code snipet above and that just got rid of the play icon but the thumbnail was still there. I checked out Xym site and he has figured out a way to get ride of the slidshow preview on the blog post page but I couldn’t figure out where to place that bit of code :/



    You can add the code xym posted above to css/custom.css


    I’ve tried that, it doesn’t do anything :/ The preview images are still there. I tried adding it to the custom.css and the slideshow.css . Both do nothing. And I tried modifying it in the slideshow.css as well.



    You can see all css modification of xym here: – I’d also add this code to css/custom.css.


    Tried that, still doesn’t work :/

    I’ll rephrase, all I want is the preview image removed for a single blog posts with video. But, still have the preview throughout the rest of the website, including archives and related post. Is that possible?


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