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    it takes about 25 seconds to load the front page. The other pages are fine. I get the top navigation appearing and then it stops while the Cuber loads.

    I am on php5. I have increased the memory to 128mb. Bu tthe problem persists.

    Your demo loads fine.

    the images i am using are roughly 40kb.

    so i am not sure what the problem is


    I think you should use config.xml instead of the image manager – if I try to generate config.xml dynamically via this link:


    it takes several seconds – maybe download the xml file and replace config.xml on the server with this one. Then go to your Slider options and there you select”use config.xml” instead of using the image manager.

    The Dude



    tried that – still as slow but now the images do not appear at all?



    Did you try other servers? Maybe your hoster provides slow hardware (slow CPU, etc.) – WordPress is resource hungry.

    I.e. on Kriesis server the config.xml is generated in 2 or 3 seconds.


    The Dude


    maybe, but i am can’t move hosting provider (Heart). i have increased the amount of memory from 8 to 128mb.


    does take about 20 seconds.

    i have tried Use jQuery Fading Slider – but that was just the same.

    i suppose i will have to give up on Display and find one with out Cuber.

    thanks for your help




    Try talking to Heart about the slow loading times, they may be able to tinker with the server and speed things up.

    There’s not much we can do from here if you’re not able to switch hosts and they can’t help.




    had a word with heart, here’s what they say:

    ‘Thanks for contacting us. Your scripts perform a loopback connection to the server, these are blocked on our network to protect its self from attacks from internal requests.

    ioctl(3, SIOCGIFCONF, {160, {{“lo”, {AF_INET, inet_addr(“”)}}, {“eth0”, {AF_INET, inet_addr(“”)}}, {“eth1”, {AF_INET, inet_addr(“”)}}, {“eth1:ssl0”, {AF_INET, inet_addr(“”)}}, {“eth1:ssl1”, {AF_INET, inet_addr(“”)}}}}) = 0

    Please update the code to not make http requests back to its self.’

    is there a way to solve this?




    I don’t know an easy and quick way to solve your problem. Maybe use the jquery slider instead of cu3er – every other theme which uses cu3er will cause the same problems. I’m sorry that we can’t help you to get cu3er running but it’s unusual that hoster block loopback connections.



    tried the jquery – took just as long sadly.

    thanks anyway




    You could try using a caching plugin such as W3 Total Cache, this will serve static files rather than process PHP files for every page load.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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