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    While creating a blog post with “video format” or by using the media elements the videos are populating in a big white box but the video is smaller than the box and they are aligning off center to the right. How can I change the size of the iframe or make the video align correctly and fill the frame?



    What type of Blog Style do you have?

    Please give us a link to your website.




    Its a grid layout (as chosen from the theme options) but the problem is on the specific post pages.



    I clicked on 3 of your images and don’t see any videos. Please provide url to the specific page you are describing. This doesn’t show what you describe – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -not-a-right/



    #128671 (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -of-us-2/

    Link above shows the alignment problem. I guess I’m confused about the video posts though. I thought if I chose video format then any link inside of the post would generate the video to be shown on that particular post. Is that the case? Sometimes if I paste a link, it does not show a video on the post page, like this one:

    On this link, you will see that the text “check it out” leads to the vimeo page, but I want the video to be embedded on this page. The link you mentioned (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -not-a-right/ actually shows my work around of adding an iframe to the page but I don’t want to have to do this for every video and i want them to load in the top of the page like the template is set up for.

    What now?



    Some videos can’t be embedded if the person who made them chooses that option. Is it that certain pages do no display any video or that certain videos simply will not display anywhere?

    Please add the css below to your /css/custom.css OR to Quick CSS located in Enfold > (Theme Options) > Layout Styling … the text area at the bottom of that page.

    Here is the css to move the video. You can change the number from -500 to 500. It was at 0px, Try 40px first as i have it set now..

    .avia-video-16-9, .js_active .avia-iframe-wrap {
    right: 40px;



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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