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    I’m not an expert user of wordpress, actually I’m working on my first website with WP and I don’t know anything with the code. I’d like to know please why, when I want to embed a video from youtube or vimeo, this one is displayed with two large black stripes ? I don’t know how to adjust the size. Another question please, is it possible to add text in the frontpage on the grey overlay, how to choose the projects that should appear on top, set the display order, and modify the size of the portfolio images on the frontpage ? I do thank you for your help, greatly appreciate.


    Hi FKantor,

    Quite a few questions and I’ll try to address them all as clearly as I can.

    It depends on where you are adding the video. Within the portfolio items, it automatically adds in the videos to best fit the container. Some videos because of the aspect ratio it adds the black bars.

    The same thing will happen in a page or post unless the video is inside of a smaller container as the video will stretch to fit the whole container its in. In this instance, you can use a shortcode for a column to give it a container and to make your layouts if you want the iframe to be a fixed width.

    You’ll need to be more specific on your frontpage question. The frontpage can have an almost unlimited number of layouts which can be controlled from the themes Template Builder. If you are using the dummy data, it will be controlled by the Frontpage template within that template builder.

    Some of the more in depth options don’t have any way to control them within a portfolio element however. Setting the exact order for instances isn’t possible. The portfolio image size is controlled by how many portfolio items are in each row (the more columns the smaller the images are).




    Hi Devin

    Thank you for these explanations. What do I have to do if I don’t want any black bars ? For example, you can have a look here :

    The video is not displayed with the right size. I thank you.


    yep, any help about video resizing please ? I do need to fix it. Many thanks to you.


    Is there someone ? Assistance will be greatly appreciated, I have to finish this site urgently. Thank you.



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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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