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    I have 3 questions/problems:

    1- Every time I try to add a video to a portfolio slideshow the theme redirects to the video page in Vimeo or YouTube. How can I fix that ?

    2- How can I resize/reduce the portfolio big (main ) image on the left and the right column ?

    3- I would like to use the space under the portafolio image/slideshow and add a video. How can I do that ??

    Thanks in advance, I really like this theme :)


    Hi zemantik,

    1) How are you adding the video to the slideshow?

    2) Open up includes>loop-portfolio-single.php and look for:

    <div class="eight units alpha min_height_1">

    <?php if($slider->slidecount) echo $slider->display(); ?>


    <div class="four units entry-content">

    You’ll need the change the grid sizes used for those two divs. As long as the two numbers (eight and four in the above code) equal twelve, you won’t have an issue. So something like six and six or seven and five will work. To do the same with the ajax style porfolio, you’ll make the change in functions-choices.php and looking for:

    echo "<div class='flex_column two_third first'>";
    echo $data->slider;
    echo "</div>";

    echo "<div class='portfolio-entry one_third'>";

    Where it uses a slightly different grid (two_third and one_third in the above). The full list of possible combinations is in grid.css lines 267-278 under Columns.

    3) This one is a quite a bit more complicated. In the same areas as above, the divs that create those content areas are created. You’ll need to create a new div to hold the content and then use a custom field to populate the video. See:




    Hello Devin:

    Thanks !

    #1 I still have the video Issue: I just copied the link and I click add video to slide show and then when the video should show in the slide show it just go to the video page in vimeo, and is specific with this video, I tryed other links and it works, but there is no way to make it work with this video:

    #2 I solved the size part … but now I need to align the ajax portfolio navigation buttons (arrows and close ) to the right, wich css modification should I use ??


    Q1 : I have an issue with the portfolio thumbnails,

    If you ou go and check my site:

    you will notice that the thumbnails are cropped and you cant see the face of the people in the picture (and I really need that)

    I install the rebuild and regenerate thumbnails plugins but they don’t seem to work for what I need. I tried to change the size of the thumbnails both in wordpres and in the functions.php code but is not working either and I could never found in the css where to change that.

    Can you help me with that ???

    Q:2 I made the portfolio in the homepage filterable, but when I have more than 1 category is not working, if I try to show an specific category works fine, but no when I have all af them …. Any solution ???


    Hey zemantik,

    I see what you mean with the first video. I have no idea what could be causing that but it does the same for me. Perhaps try and re-upload it with vimeo or check its permissions maybe.

    For the navigation:

    .ajax_controlls {
    right: 31.5%;
    top: 31px;
    margin-right: -129px;

    For your new Question 1, there isn’t anything we can do to control where an image gets cropped. The only thing you can do is make sure the original is in proportion to what you set to the size in functions.php for the crop (which it looks like you have done).

    Q2: The sortable portfolio will only sort what items are loaded into the page. So if you have more items in a different category that are not shown on the screen it will not load those in. This is a limitation of the code and isn’t something that can be changed.



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