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    I added video on the portfolio. In the frontpage, if I click on the thumbnail, it would launch the video inside the thumbnail, instead of opening the page. I put ‘Link to the post’, but it’s still the same. I want to open the page, not to launch the video directly. How can I do please ?

    Thanks to you



    hi, any idea please ? Thank you for your help.


    Hi FKantor,

    You’ll need to use the slideshow option in the Layout & Settings to have only a single preview image for each portfolio item. Go to Layout & Settings in the theme options then “Slideshow behavior on overview pages” . Choose the option “Display only single image on overview pages and all slideshow images except the first one on single entries”.

    Then on each portfolio item you can use a single preview image and then on the actual slideshow it will only show those images or video after the first one.




    Hi Devin, Thank you for your help and sorry for my late reply. I had a problem with my database in my provider, so that I had to delete everything and I have to start my website from the beginning ;-(

    Curiously, Ive just installed Eunoia, it works, but I don’t have the same pages, with all the short codes I had the first time. Is this normal ? It may be because we’re not supposed to install the theme twice ?

    I thank you



    Maybe you forgot to import the dummy data (Eunoia > Theme Options > click the “Import Dummy Data” button)?

    Best regards,



    Hi Peter, you’re right, I did not. Done, and things are right, easy. Many thanks. Have a good day



    Glad that Peter and Devin got you back on track!



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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