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    On (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / I’ve uploaded two videos. They play in Safari and Chrome, but not in Firefox. Can you help me figure out how to correct that?

    I can see the video box with the play button in the middle, there’s just no video to play when I click start (note: in Safari and Chrome, the video preloads and I can see the video start page).

    Thanks for your help!




    I will tag the issue to Kriesi.

    Did you try embedding the video using the iframe code instead of the Video element?





    The video is hosted on Amazon s3 and I use ezs3 as the host. Normally, I just copy the HTML code from ezs3 and place it on a site (which I do frequently with other themes). I can see the HTML code in the text box, but nothing plays. I tried using the insert video option from the text editor, and that didn’t work either. So, the only option left that I knew to do (note:I’m not a techie), was to use your video player which only takes the link to the video hosted on Amazon s3. As for the iframe code, I’ll see if ezs3 provides that, I just haven’t used that option before.




    Hi Bruce,

    I believe the video player uses the wordpress oembed functionality so perhaps it isn’t supported there.




    So is there a fix so that someone using Firefox can actually see a video hosted using your video player?

    Or is there a fix so I can embed the HTML code and it’ll actually show using your advanced layer?

    Seems weird that your video player wouldn’t show a video on one of the top browsers (roughly 20% of web traffic).

    So is there anything I can do?


    Firebug shows me an error

    "HTTP "Content-Type" "content/unknown" is not supported. Can't load"

    I used google search and you need to make sure that the server sends the right mime type:

    If the article doesn’t help search for “amazonaws mp4 mime type” and you’ll get similar results. This is not a theme issue but a problem with the cdn provider…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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