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    Hi there :)

    Is there going to be a way to make the full-width screen work with video on mobile/tablets? Video is the way of the future. Do I have to hire a designer or developer to make the video play full-width on mobile/tablet so the video shows up full-width when you land on the page (as it does on desktop)?

    **In the meantime is there a way to increase the height of my fall back video preview image that is showing on mobie and ipad? The image i’m using seems to get cropped. (The width of the image is 1500)


    Please also look at my site on ipad… the logo is over lapping on the main navigation menu… how can I fix that? Is there a way to make the main navigation menu turn into the small mobile navigation tab as seen on my mobile version of the site?


    as far as I know.. video play full-width on mobile/tablet is not possible. there is a fall back to an image for them ipads. you can use an animated gif but this is not what you are lokking for I guess.

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    Vote here: http://www.kriesi.at/support/enfold-feature-requests/ “Options on fullscreen Easyslider” (2 votes)


    Thank you for the link, however it’s taking forever to find the post so i can vote, is there an easier way to find it?



    No search on the feature requests unfortunately. Sorry about that!



    Thanks you for your help guys :)

    **For the fall back image: Is there a way to make it bigger (same size as the full-width images?) the height on the fall back images is pretty short.


    It should be full size based on the settings. So setting the background to stretch to fit.

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