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    I have one of our slider entries linked to a video that is the same dimensions as the sliders themselves. I like how it opens in a player over the page but the problem is that it cuts off the sides of the video because the video is too wide. Is is possible to adjust the size parameters for the player so that when it pops up it displays the full size of the video. You can click on it an see what i mean. It’s the second slide. Plus when i close the player window i get this spinning wheel overlaid on the page and it will stay there until you click somewhere. very strange. Tried it in safari, chrome, and firefox and it behaves the same way in all of them.


    any help on where these setting are would be great


    One other thing, i noticed that in the clean-cut demo the video plays inside the avia slider window, that would be ideal – not real sure how that is done, i know it says it supports flv and swf files, but what about quicktime/ h.264 for mobile devices that don’t support flash (i.e Apple)?


    Ok, I think I have the video dimensions figured out and lightbox is performing correctly. I linked to a post that had the video link in it, however I only solved one of the problems. I’m still getting the spinning wheel and a black translucent screen over the webpage that doesn’t go away until you click somewhere on the page. When you click the close button after the video that’s what happens, again, 3 different browsers, all the same results. I wish i could post a screen shot of it so you could see it.


    Hey Matthew,

    I’m not getting the same spinning wheel that you mention when i visit the page. Is it in a specific OS or anything? If you post a screenshot to an image hosting server we can take a look at it.

    You can also you a screen recording service like http://www.screenr.com/ and take a short video showing whats happening.




    i captured the video with screenflow for you. you can access it here: http://oakridgebiblechurch.com/video/lightbox.mov

    It does the very same thing with Chrome and firefox. I’ve also checked in on my iPad and iPhone and it also acts the same way. if it’s not doing it in windows that’s odd, hmmm


    Hi Matthew,

    I’ve tagged the topic for another support crew to look at as I’m not quite sure what could be causing that. It looks like its trying to load up an image and the behavior of the object is identical to it but I’m not sure why its loading both an image and video.




    Yeah, really strange, i’m not in a big hurry as i can work around it. It would just be nice to use lightbox only, without that weird thing. I’ve not tried to get on the site using IE so i’m not sure if it does it in that browser or not. all i have around here is mac and linux machines :) Thanks for taking a look at it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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