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    Hi, ok i like the look of this theme, can some one tell me where the info or help files are for installing and setting up video.

    This page

    has the style exactly as i want (3videos at the bottom of the page ( Installation/slideshow/template builder )

    I have all my videos loaded onto vimeo, i would like to add 9 to a page with the sam effect roll over play logo when the mouse is hovered over it, and want it to open in a light-box view.

    Any one have a answer please, thx Rob.



    I believe you’re looking for this documentation video (watch it in high quality fullscreen for optimal vision). More information can also be found in the documentation folder provided with the theme (open index.html). The roll-over effect comes standard when uploading the video.


    hi, i have watched the video over and over, yet i still can work out how to get the video into the format i need, this is what i have,

    2nd question, how do i remove the PAGES/CATEGORIES/ARCHIVE from Only This page ??

    Thanks in advance.


    This is my current page, i want to create a portfolio same as this with just videos on the page, just the same as my current page.


    No i am screw ,,lost the lot?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- were can i get help – happy top pay anyone


    Hi rpbproduction,

    no need to pay anyone. I didn’t play it through to the end, but I think the design of is pretty easy:

    In the template builder you can create the columns to include the videos on your page. Select “Direct Text Input” as content of all your three columns. As you want the videos to be played in lightbox, they would not be hosted by vimeo, but by your blog itself. Upload the videos with the common wordpress media uploader. Start a new post, include the video, switch to html view and copy the video inclusion code (then you can delete your new post again). You can then paste the code into the direct text input section of your columns.

    Hope it works. No idea about the second question unfortunately.


    Sorry, my idea is not exactly how kriesi did it. The sourcecode of this demo page includes a link to the videos hosted on youtube. The images displayed are .jpg files that already include the logo:×170.jpg

    So maybe just include the preview videos with the wordpress media browser and define them as a link to the video location.


    Hey, sorry for the wait. The question is a little unclear as your links aren’t working any more. Shutterlag provided quite accurate information (thank you shutterlag =] ), you can both host the video yourself on your wordpress installation or on sites like youtube or vimeo, as long as the provided link is valid.

    Indeed there is no need to pay anybody, we’re here to help you configure your theme as we promised.

    Could you please restate the problems you’re experiencing and provide valid links, this way we can provide specific instructions :)


    Ok, thanks- lets move ( i screwed up my data base, had to start again)

    ** new question, i have a post that have to 2 videos i want to display, i add 2 feature videos, is that wrong , i would like them displayed one under each other.

    ill get all the videos back on to the posts, when thats done i am wanting to display in the Portfolio each category one will be wedding / real-estate / planning and so on. On a page i would like 3 rows by 3 columns , each containing a small video thumbnail , then when someone clicks on the video i would like it to open in a light box effect.

    **Current site (you will see what i mean with all the small icons)T

    **This is the new site i am building with your template. =


    so i managed to get the videos lay out o the page – so what i would like to know now how do i get the PLAY Logo watermark to hover over the top, And the other question is how do i get them to load in to the lightbox effect. Thanks.



    the play logo hover effect is only used for images which are linked to a lightbox. You can create a preview/thumbnail image and link it to vimeo /youtube videos which will play in the lightbox (just insert the video link in thecustom link field). As far as I know it’s not possible to link an embedded vimeo video to a lightbox because 1) you can’t play the video itself afterwards and 2) it doesn’t make much sense in most situations.


    OK, so on this page (the video links – INSTALLING THE THEME – when you click on the play button it opens in a window ?? how do i get that effect


    You can do this by creating a dynamic template using the template builder, the example shows a 4 column option. They have an option of Preview image & post content, you can make the column items represent pages or posts from specific categories.

    Then, when you create a page/post you can upload media, you can use Youtube. You press upload, you select “From URL”, you input your link & description. Then, you choose “Lightbox” in Apply link to the image.

    So now, when you create a page with using the dynamic template you created, it will show a 4 column layout with a youtube preview video, which will open in a lightbox (this is click & player “pops out”).


    Ok Thanks, got it, so now, with the popup is there a way to make it a custom size , thanks for your help.


    It depends on the video you want to embed – i.e. youtube would look like:

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto" title=""><img src="/images/logo.png" alt="YouTube" width="60" /></a>

    So basically you need to add the dimension with:



    Hi sorry they will be all Vimeo videos


    The official documentation: doesn’t mention any special parameters so I assume you can simply append:


    to your vimeo links. I think before PrettyPhoto 3.0 the parameters were different…


    Sorry Dude, where do i change or add the code ( &width=780&height=526 ) i do not know any thing about code.


    Judging by this it seems you got it to work. Happy we could help you.


    hi, yep its all working fine, just wanted to know how to make some videos that i have in vimeo popup in a larger player – 780 x 526 or 1280 x 720 . where do change or add the settings.

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