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    Hi. I’d appreciate some advice on how to better handle video on my site:
    I have many portfolio entries which include both images and video. I found that when I included video in the slideshow there was no way to make the slideshow stop advancing once you tried to play the video, so I embedded it in the text area. This works fine, but forces the size of the video to be rather small, especially on mobile devices:
    My question is if there is any way to have the video open (and auto-play ideally) in lightbox when it is clicked? I realize that I could upload poster frames and link them manually, I’m just hoping there is a simpler way to achieve this result. I’m also open to any other suggestions of how to better handle this situation.
    Thanks, your template has been a great solution for me.


    Hi rsn8!

    Not that I can really think of. Within a slideshow the video will keep playing unless the user stops it because we don’t have access to the frames data. From any other area if you link to a video then it will open in a lightbox automatically. If Vimeo has a parameter to have a video autoplay with a link or just by default then you could set your videos to do that.



    Thanks for the reply. Follow up question then: Is there an ideal image size if I were to place one with a link where I currently have the video embedded? Since the theme is responsive, I’m a little unclear how to be certain that a jpeg won’t mess with the formatting of the text.


    There is no specific size really. If you don’t choose an alignment when using the visual editor then the image won’t float and have the text wrap around it.


    I’ve worked out the video preview images and placement. Though I’m still having a little trouble linking the thumbnail so that it opens the video in lightbox. I accomplished this earlier, but have since forgotten the steps. Can you please tell me how this is done? I’m assuming it is achieved within the thumbnails image settings. Thanks for your patience with me.


    Cancel that. I figured it out.
    Thanks again.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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