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    We also lost all sliders after upgrade. Read the other solutions, but none resolved the issue. Any suggestions?



    Can you redo or recreate the slideshow?




    Yes, we tried that and it did not work.


    Hi baileyalexander,

    I’m getting an error with the included jquery files that come with wordpress when I visit your page. Can you try re-installing the wordpress update and see if that fixes the issue?




    Hi Devin – reinstalled wordpress and still having same issue.

    Other suggestions?





    The slider seems to work again and I don’t get any js error messages – did you solve the issue?

    Best regards,



    I am stumped here. For no reason that I am able to isolate, my slider images have ceased to work and I am getting unresponsive jquery errors on the load of the homepage while trying to load sliders. I have done the following with no change:

    disabled all plug ins

    deleted all slider entries and reloaded (deleted them again when it didn’t work)

    reinstalled WordPress upgrade 3.4.2

    The only thing that got rid of the error and the slow load was changing the theme to Twenty Eleven. I am guessing it is the theme

    Nothing else seems to work. Any other ideas?

    sorry, here is a link to the site



    Are you using the latest version of Avisio? I think it’s 1.2.1b.

    Best regards,



    Hi Peter – I have 1.2.1, but not b. I can’t find a version 1.2.1b.

    Thanks, Nancy


    Okay, I was running 1.2.1b (I checked in style.css). I reinstalled the template for kicks and giggles and no change. I have deleted all plugins, no change. Any more ideas?


    I am dead in the water here… I am unable to resolve this issue. Can I get some help here?


    Thanks for this, but when I didn’t here back from you, I just nuked the entire WP installation and started from scratch. I had backed up my dB, so I have my content. Just some tweeks need to be made, but everything seems to be okay. I have some other weirdness, but I will start a new post. Thanks


    Glad things seem to be working okay. Let us know if you need further assistance.



Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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