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    Hi is there something I need to do to make my email opt-in webform responsive? my friends with smartphones are not seeing the webform on the right side-bar.

    thanks so much, really appreciate this support forum




    Hi prettyfish!

    Are you using any plugin like Jetpack to display a different theme on mobile? If so, please disable it

    Best regards,


    ermergerd what.

    i installed jetpack in the beginning as i had no idea what it did…I have Jetpack but it does not look like I have enabled any mobile display options on it; should I still be disabling Jetpack as a whole?



    Yes please, this is currently how i see your website – http://i.imgur.com/yewChRo.png


    ok I have disabled it. better? LIFESAVER!!!!



    Yes it is better now. I have checked your website on my iphone as well i can see contact form just fine



    aaahhh thank you!!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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