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    I’ve been reading through the threads here and tried a few things already (such as disabling all the plugins and adding some additional css code) but nothing helped:

    As you can see here: the grey thumbnail size is not matching the original thumbnail size and I don’t know why. The Size I used for the portfolio images is 450 x 335 according to the documentation. Is that wrong? Even if I am using a much bigger one it doesn’t properly line up (as seen on the one to the right)

    Thanks in advance for any kind of feedback :)


    Looks like I figured it out – I just needed to make the thumbnails bigger :)

    Terrific template by they way. Thanks!


    Actually, no it’s still not properly resolved – the thumbnails are still scaling slightly on roll-over. I am a bit confused as to which size to use for those or what the issue could be here.


    Hi Kyena,

    Can you try regenerating your thumbnails with:

    It might be that they were not properly scaled when they were initially uploaded.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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