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    Hi Dude and everyone,

    I will buy this beautifull themes for a shop of osteopath friend, my questions are:

    – which version of woocommerce may i install with the last version of flashlight ?

    – i will be able to install all french version ? (wordpress, woocommerce )

    – may i change the window of text in the home page by rounded corners ?

    Thanks a lot, beautifull work, one more time ;)



    This is an important question. Is there currently an answer?



    1) You can use the latest version of WC (I think it’s 1.5.4)

    2) Yes, but you need to translate Flashlight first. As far as I know we don’t have a French translation file for the theme yet.

    3) Yes, we can provide the css code which creates rounded corners around the mini content box.


    Thanks Dude for answers ;)

    Is it easy to translate theme in French ?

    Could you provide me the theme with rounded corner ?

    So to be sure:

    first i install french wordpress 3.3.2

    after, woocommerce french 1.5.4

    and then the theme flashlight ?

    Have a great day ;)

    Best regards,



    The latest version of WooCommerce doesn’t see to work with this theme…or at least fit the way it’s supposed to.


    Yes, you need to install fr wordpress and fr woocommerce. Then extract the theme files and search for the flashlight/lang. Open up default.po with poedit: and translate all strings. Then save the file as and fr_FR.po and insert/upload it into the flashlight/lang folder. Then compress the theme files (make a zip file) and upload/install it by using WordPress. That’s it.


    Thanks Dude,

    Just to be sure the member neruda said that the latest woocommerce doesn’t work with flashlight ?

    i trust you first of course ;)

    Have a good day, thanks again ;)



    Hi again , i just buy flashlight (version 1.6) inside the version of WC is 1.4.1 ???

    May i use WC 1.5.4 and the flashlight version 1.6 is it your last version ?

    Thanks, i will translate by the time the file as and fr_FR.PO if you want i could give you the translation after ;)



    Everythings looks working well betweenWooCommerce and WordPress 3.3.2 and flashlight v.1.6

    My new question is for Dude ;)

    – How can i put all corners rounded ?

    around the mini content box

    around the page content

    around the pictures too ?

    Thanks Dude and full team ;)



    Hi Raphaël,

    It looks like you were able to implement the border raidus css :)

    Let us know if you need anything else or have any additional questions/issues.



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