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    I was following the instructions in a previous post re removing the link in the footer to Kriesi’s website. I was told to add something on the bottom of a php file. Which I did.

    Now I get

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting ‘{‘ in /home/indones1/public_html/wp-content/themes/choices/functions-choices.php on line 660

    I edited the functions-choices.php in the WordPress editor.

    The last lot of the stuff I edited is:


    add_action(‘avia_backend_theme_activation’, ‘avia_default_dynamics’);

    add_action(‘avia_ajax_reset_options_page’, ‘avia_default_dynamics’);

    function avia_default_dynamics()


    global $avia;

    $firstInstall = get_option($avia->option_prefix.’_dynamic_elements’);



    $custom_export = “dynamic_elements”;

    require_once AVIA_PHP . ‘inc-avia-importer.php’;

    if(isset($_GET) && $_GET == ‘templates’)


    wp_redirect( $_SERVER );





    add_filter(‘kriesi_backlink’, ‘inoplugs_backlink’);

    function inoplugs_backlink() {

    return ” – Webdesign by XXX”;



    Not helping your situation right now, but for the future perhaps:

    I use an external editor (Komodo on mac (free)), and it gives me at least two huge benefits:

    1. Unlimited undo (in your current case, you would just have to hit undo untill you were back at a site that worked).

    2. Syntax check. If you forget a “;” or anything, you get instant reminder (and help).

    Plus editing in general is just way more convenient, as the files you are working with can all be open at once, and you don´t have to navigate to the Edit page in WP, but you just jump to your editor. Superfast and easy.


    thanks for the suggestion

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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