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    I have a product category page

    I want to add some unique text description for this category. But when i adding text this text also appear on home page + on this page

    How i can add unique text just on product category page?

    I made a post but someone is closed it, and i still dont get the answer:(

    I find how to add content. But i can not clear why i see the same content all some pages not just on category page? << PLEASE DONT CLOSE THE TOPIC.



    Hi sergeylandar,

    Check that you don’t have that text on the page designated for the shop. I don’t have access to the site, the setup or where you have entered in any content so it could be just about anywhere where the theme and plugin allow you to put text in.

    The text you enter for the category in the woo commerce plugin options category section should be the only text displayed (and with an image if you want) when viewing a “category” archive of the product.





    Looks like if i using tag <h1> in category description this description repeating on 3 pages:)

    Ok, now i using just text on description area for product.

    And how i can make different title for <h1> for every category like: << here i want to see <h1> Free css templates</h1> << here i want to see <h1> Free responsive templates</h1>





    looks it not possible

    so i’ll create 3 templates on template builder and will use it like a subpages for ‘free website templates’ page


    But how i can change <h1> to <h2> in title here: ?



    You can show the category by adding the following css to your Quick CSS or custom.css file:

    .template-shop .page-title {
    display: block;




    yes, i know

    if i do it Title working wrong, i need unique title for every page also bread crumbs working wrong:( i need correct links and titles there

    #107030 << right now here i see title like <h2> how i can make it like <h1> ?


    by the way on i see 2 titles like <h1> :( just one of there disabled.

    How i can delete disabled h1 from code?


    I don’t really know what you mean. If you have a custom template, you can modify it however you’d like with the titles and layout you want.

    If you want to use the themes category:

    Then you can use the code above to show the title on that page. You can modify it a bit to only effect category archives with: .template-shop .page-title {
    display: block;


    i just want to have structure like this:

    How i can make the next structure of pages

    Home | Free website templates | other pages…



    <p>Page description</p>

    all products…

    Free website templates: Free Css Templates | Free Responsive Templates

    Free Website Templates

    <h1>Free website templates</h1>

    <p>Page description</p>

    free css products + free responsive products

    Free Css Templates

    <h1>Free css templates</h1>

    <p>Page description</p>

    free css products…

    Free Responsive Templates

    <h1>Free responsive templates</h1>

    <p>Page description</p>

    free responsive products…

    but can not find way how to do it.

    is it possible to do it?


    I can’t really understand that list of items. You can use woo commerce to set up a shop with a list of products and categories and you can then have product category pages that show the title of the page, category description and followed by the products in that category.

    If you want to create custom layouts, or doing anything different than that you would need to customize the that layout with the woo commerce plugin or using the plugins hooks/filters/setup.




    If its really possible to do how i need, why nobody write me how?:)

    i wrote what exactly i want. When i try to do it its not working(


    As I said, I don’t know what layout you want by that list of items. It isn’t clear at least from what you’ve given so far and the descriptions.

    What I mean is, you can use the format provided by woo commerce or you can modify the way the theme outputs the content. If you have a clear idea, but it isn’t possible with the theme functions I would recommend looking into a freelance developers.

    So far however, what you CAN do is use the css above to show the title on a category page as well as the category description. Outside of that, I’m just not sure what is that you are asking.

    #107037 why your theme not woking? any idea how to fix it? or i make something wrong?


    We’ll address that topic in its own post. I’ll close this one for now.



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